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        Guangdong Yunyan Special Cement Building Materials Co.,Ltd. have been specialized in manufacturing and exporting chemical building materials for 18 years, we have a broad of ranges that can meet all your needs relating to the real estate, such as villas, garage, hotel, shopping mall, hospital, commercial building etc.

        Our company is located at Mingjing industrial zone, Hualong town, Panyu district, Guangzhou city, area is about 10,000 square meters, employee 50 workers including 3 rich experience R & D personnel in lab. There are lab room, display hall, office, workshop and warehouse. we can produce the most high-end products, good quality but lower prices and better service, why not choose us!

        We can offer 10 series of building materials, Wall cement render and plaster mortar, Wall putty, Tile Marble and Stone Adhesive, Grout series, Waterproofing products, Cement based stucco, Acrylic texture and Stone paint, Emulsion paint, Light weight insulation mortar, Floor decoration series.

        We are not only selling products, but also offer a full of professional construction system, we will help to solving all the problems that you may meet during the whole construction process, for our manager is a know-all person, I mean to the building chemical materials.
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